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All you need to know about Reptiles of Madagascar


All you need to know about Reptiles of Madagascar

All you need to know about Reptiles of Madagascar:

While you will definitely see many different animal species while on a Madagascar nature vacation, one group of visitors will be particularly interested in the island's native reptiles.

While the beautiful mammals of Madagascar are well-known and adored, many people also find the reptiles to be fascinating and compelling. It is all the more amazing that the reptilian population has diversified into over 260 different species despite the fact that only a small number of reptile species have been introduced to the island throughout its history. Instead of being immigrants from another country or landmass, many of these are native to the island.

Hinge-back Tortoise of Bell's:

While you can witness a variety of tortoise breeds while on your Madagascar nature vacation, one species stands out from the others due to a characteristic that frequently needs to be seen to be believed. Hinge-back Bell The name "tortoise" refers to a species that has a special 90-degree hinge on the back of its shell.

Although it seems impossible, it is real. The tortoise has a hinge that, when closed, aids in protecting both its short tail and back legs from predators. The tortoise is a tenacious survivor despite its diminutive size and plain brown shell because of the protective benefits a hinge in the shell can provide.

Cambodian chameleons: 

Even while the island is home to many enormous reptiles (and we'll go to one of those right away! ), you might be more fascinated by the smaller species. If so, there aren't many smaller reptiles than the Brookesia Chameleon, which is regarded as the tiniest chameleon in the world and ranks among the world's tiniest reptiles.

For good cause, they are known as "Leaf Chameleons" in common parlance. On your nature vacation to Madagascar, if you manage to catch a glimpse of a little critter scuttling around in the leaves, you might have been fortunate enough to have seen the Brookesia Chameleon.

The Nile Crocodile:

Although it's understandable to assume that a crocodile species known as the "Nile Crocodile" would be more frequently found in Egypt, there are small populations that call this place home. This is good news for travelers on a Madagascar wildlife vacation hoping to see some of the larger and more visually impressive reptiles. 

Of course, the crocodiles are just as dangerous and menacing as all crocodile species, which makes it fascinating to see their behavior. They provide an intriguing contrast to some of the other mammals and animals you may encounter while traveling.